How Pakistan Treats it’s Home Grown Talent – Majid Jahangir

How Pakistan Treats it’s Home Grown Talent - Majid Jahangir

How Pakistan Treats it’s Home Grown Talent

It’s an Open secret that every Pakistani Actors/Artist never stop trying to get gigs outside of Pakistan because they have seen too many examples how the Country Treats it’s Talent.

From Singer Atif Aslam who was called by Mahesh Bhatt to add “Woh Lumhey” in one of his Film or Ali Zafar who have not only gave his voice but also showed us his acting skills in Bollywood to Comedian Like Shakeel Siddiqui, Sikander Sanam, Wali Sheikh who went to India & Fame went high in the Sky. Unfortunately Sikander Sanam Died of Cancer but at least he made enough to left for his Family from his Parodies of Indian Movies which we all loved so much.

The List is of those Actors/Artists is too Big to mention

The List is of those Actors-Artists
Now Take a moment & think where would they be if they would’ve stayed in Pakistan and never went out of the Country.

Staying in One Place might be Regretful

Now this Latest Example might be one of the Most Heart Ripping ( Pakistani Heart Ripping)

The Star of coming out of PTV’s 50-50, Majid Jahangir, whom every Pakistani knows ( because his 80’s show still makes everyone laughs ) stayed in Pakistan & now is extremely Unemployed & paralyzed from quite of some time because he didn’t had anything to pay the medical bills to Aid himself in the early stage to avert the situation in which he’s currently in.

This Image Speaks of Itself (A Tweet by Junaid Akram)

He has been OFFERED Help

It’s not like that he’s not been offered, Malik Riaz (not Government ) offered financial support to him & by offered means Offered not given yet. He was also offered way back in 2016 and might’ve been given some but that was just to pay the Medical bills not to cure the Disease.


The Guy who made this Whole Country Laugh for Almost 45 Years, is Now Standing Alone.

All We can do is just Pray for Majid Jahangir’s Good Health & try to Help him as much as we can.

And To know the Opinion of our Current Talent/Artist/Actors, Just give them 2 Options

1 – Are they willing to Stay in Pakistan or 2 – If they get a chance, will they go to the Neighbor country to Work?

Well ! We Might Don’t Wanna Know the Answer.

NOTE: This is just a opinion of a Commoner of Pakistan, everyone speaks for him/herself, Everyone has a Brain to differ between Good & Bad and Right & Wrong.