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Terms of Services to Import from USA

~ Let’s get few things straight before your proceed further ~

  • would not be liable for Loss of Shipment in-transit under any uncontrollable circumstances.
  • would not be liable for any Delay in In-transit Shipments due to bad weather, flight off-loading, or any reason caused by nature.
  • Fragile, Perishable, Liquid, Arms, Ammunition & Tactical Weapons, Sharp objects i.e. Knives, Blades etc and other Hazardous items, Sexual products are All RESTRICTED & can’t be imported.
  • Greater Weight will be Chargeable for shipping of Products from USA to Pakistan. If Dimensional weight is greater than the Actual Weight then it will be charged & if Actual weight greater than Dimensional weight then it will be charged.
  • 5% of the Order Total will be charged additionally if the Product is NOT FROM AMAZON.COM



List of Prohibited Items !!
  • Arms and ammunition
  • Hazardous Chemicals
  • High explosives
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Animals and Agriculture
  • Flammable Items
  • Radioactive Substances
  • Currency, Stamps and Coins
  • Perishable Foods
  • Animal skins or animal parts
  • Gambling and Lottery devices
  • Government IDs and Uniforms
  • Passports
  • Invoices
  • Political and Pornography
  • Pressurized Cans
  • Asbestos
  • Antiques
  • Other product forbidden by Pakistan Customs or by IATA
How Long will it take for my order to Reach?

Usual Delivery Time is 15 – 25 Business Days after the product is received at our USA office by the seller but this might get effected due to Uncertain Weather Conditions, offload issues and other Scenarios.

The Client  will be notified whatever happens

What if I need to change my shipping address?

You can have it changed during or before you Approve the quotation…

Once you make the payment & your order is processed, you can’t have it changed !

Can I get same day delivery?

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How can we make the payment for our Order?

Your can make the payment in our Official Company Bank Account via

  1. Online Bank Transfer/Internet Banking
  2. ATM Transfer
  3. Cheque/Cash Deposit from any Bank Al Habib Branch
What Happens if my Requested Product is Out of Stock in USA after I made my Payment?

In case this Happens, you can have your amount Adjusted in any of your Order or you can claim Store Credit or can simply ask for a Refund 🙂 

Can I have Cash on Delivery for my USA Order?

Sorry, but since your Order is being procured on Demand from USA, you can have Cash on Delivery but instead you’ll have to make Full Payment in Advance after your Approve your Quotation for the same.

Do I receive an Invoice for my Order?

Yes, You will get an Invoice over email once you Approve the quotation provided to you and you’ll receive another confirmation message once you make the Payment.

I don't Like What I Ordered from USA, What Now?

Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do NOW…

You got what You Ordered & Now it’s Yours

Returns, Refunds, Exchanges based on Liking or Disliking is totally not entertained

The Product I Received it Damaged, What Now?

There’s no Chance it can happen since the packaging process it heavily monitored before the product is shipped…

By any chance it’s damaged during shipment, a Claim will be filed to the courier company and client will be updated accordingly.

Client should realize that’s not our Fault so please your Patience & Cooperation will be Appreciated.

Can I Claim Warranty/Return on the product from USA?

Since Most of the USA Based Online Stores doesn’t ship directly to Pakistan, their Warranty can’t be Claimed also….

So if the Product has manufacturing defect/fault, isn’t connecting to your WiFi, Stopped working after a week… You’ll have to Deal with it

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